Saturday, August 16, 2008

Watch My TV Experience On Video

Betty with the cast of "I've Got A Secret". Left to right are: Jermaine Taylor, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Bil Dwyer, Betty Chu, Frank DeCaro and Billy Bean.

Betty with producer Gary Green.

Betty fluffs up Emilia just before going on the show.

Gary tries his hand at grooming Emilia.

Emilia with Melissa, Gary and Julie, three producers of the show.

In March 2006, I received a phone call from Gary Green, a TV producer. He "discovered" my rabbits on the Internet and invited me to be a contestant on the TV game show "I've Got A Secret". As we know, this show had been around since the 1950s; it was revived several times after it went out off the air. The 2006 version was produced by the Game Show Network (GSN); altogether 40 episodes were taped.

I drove to Burbank studio with Chu's Emilia, Chu's Starena and two bunnies later named Chu's Fawntasia and Chu's Sakura. Emilia had won Best In Show 13 times and Reserve In Show 5 times in all breed open shows, a record at the time. I had a great time on the show and the girls were so well-behaved that I couldn't even believe it myself. My episode was uploaded to Youtube and stayed there for over 1-1/2 years. Then it disappeared. I was asked by many about it but I had no clue. Recently Bill Welsh in So. CA. sent me a digital copy of the episode. (Thank you, Bill.) I uploaded it to this blog. It's a little slow to load the entire video, please be patient.

The length of the video is 6.55 minutes. I found it helpful if you let it load before you start watching it; after the entire 6.55 minutes are loaded, then watch. It'll save a lot of stopping time during the buffering process.

I hope you enjoy the video.